About Us

ASAL ENVIROTECH CONSULT is a consortium of experts which was founded from several years of Planning, Management, Training and Technical Expert Consultancies provided to development clients by like-minded consultants.

The consortium was established in 2005 when the group of consultants came together, sourced work as individual consultants but worked as a team. Finally in the year 2011, the individual consultants finally formed the ASAL ENVIROTECH CONSULT LTD a consortium firm. The consortium  headquarters is located,  in Limuru Road, Suraj Plaza, Nairobi, Kenya. The consultants in ASAL ENVIROTECH CONSULT LTD have provided Consultancy services to local and international NGOs, business firms, development agencies, community owned organisations and Governments in East and Central African Region. ASAL ENVIROTECH CONSULT LTD. consultants have expansive individual wealth of experience in their professional fields.